Saturday, December 03, 2016

About AXYS

What began in 1989 as the effort of one concerned individual to locate information and support has grown into an international organization focused on Knowledge Support & Action. AXYS is the nation’s oldest and largest non-profit organization addressing the needs of the approximately 1 out of 500 individuals who were born with one or more extra X and/or Y chromosomes, as well as their families and the clinicians, educators and research scientists serving them. 

AXYS’s efforts have resulted in positive change.We have educated countless numbers of persons about X and Y chromosome conditions, ranging from expectant parents who just received news of a “genetic irregularity” to top medical professionals, educators, health writers and government officials. We have helped to reduce the amount of mis-information and stigmatization concerning these conditions, and helped advance efforts to find improved and more affordable diagnosis, treatment and intervention services. As a result of our efforts, many children, adolescents and adults with these conditions enjoy more fulfilling and productive lives in their communities.

The conditions we presently address from our national headquarters in Colorado, and with a staff and leadership team located all across the U.S. and Canada, include 47,XXY; Klinefelter syndrome; Trisomy X; 47,XYY syndrome and the approximately 20 additional variations involving additional X and/or Y chromosomes and mosaicism.

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