Saturday, December 03, 2016

Board of Directors


Myra Byrd, Chair since 2010, Director since 2006 - Contact Myra

Gary Glissman, Vice-Chair since 2012, Director since 2011 - Contact Gary

Kevin Schindler, Treasurer since 2015, Director since 2015 - Contact Kevin

Erin Frith, Secretary since 2016, Director since 2014 - Contact Erin

Other Board Members

Ginnie Isaacs Cover, Director since 2011 - Contact Ginnie

Susan Howell, Director since 2015 - Contact Susan

Kimberley Daly, Director since 2016 - Contact Kimberley

Larry Rakowski, Director since 2015 - Contact Larry

Carrie Riby, Director since 2013 - Contact Carrie

Sandy Schindler, Director since 2015 - Contact Sandy

Uldis Silgailis, Director since 2013 - Contact Uldis

Tom Clephane, Director since 2014 - Contact Tom

Emeritus Board Members

Melissa Aylstock, Founding Director

Shiela Clark, Former Secretary and Director

Roberta Rappaport, Former AXYS Director and founder of The American Association for Klinefelter Syndrome Information and Support


Robert Miller, Interim Executive Director - Ex-Officio Board Member - Contact Robert

What Are the Duties of AXYS Directors?

Serving as a Board member of a non-profit organization such as AXYS is one of the most challenging and rewarding of volunteer assignments. While election to a board is an honor, board members also have important legal and fiduciary responsibilities that require a commitment of time, skill and resources. The ideal Board member is a person who is strongly committed to AXYS’s mission and vision, and who additionally has the skills, interest and resources (either themselves or through contacts with persons and companies having such resources) that will help to fuel the organization’s growth – and therefore from which we will be able to add needed programs and new services that we aspire to provide and foster.
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