Saturday, December 03, 2016

About Gary Glissman


Gary Glissman, BS, RN, CCM (ret)
Gary Glissman has been volunteering with AXYS since early 2009. Gary and his wife, Paula, are from Omaha.  They have an adult son, Michael who is XXY.

Gary has served on the communication committee for several years, and he is a frequent contributor to content on AXYS’s website, forums and more.  Gary also spearheaded an effort with the University of Nebraska to build a wiki for AXYS.  This project is underway and making good progress.

AXYS has been very eager for Gary to join the board of directors, but his career has been very demanding, and his son, Michael, was gravely ill.  We are very pleased that both situations have improved and Gary agreed to join the board in August, 2011.

Professional Skills/Background:
Thirty-five years’ experience in a wide range of nursing and senior management positions at a variety of health care organizations including hospitals (neonatal intensive care), community-based services for developmentally delayed children and adults, psychiatric hospitals, home care providers, ambulatory care clinics and physician offices. Currently the Chief Operating Officer for the Urology Cancer Center and GU Research Network based
in Omaha, Nebraska.

 Personal Statement:
“When our son was first diagnosed, the information we were given by endocrinologists, psychologists, genetic specialists and family physicians was very inadequate. Fortunately the resource support provided by AXYS through the forums and other volunteers was extremely helpful. They gave us the basic information we needed to pursue effective support and aggressively challenge inadequate treatment recommendations from the various health care providers involved with our son’s care. It became very clear very quickly that many medical and educational professionals were not well-informed about XXY.  AXYS can make a huge difference in the lives of people that are struggling with 47,XXY challenges and I want to be part of that effort.”
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