Saturday, December 03, 2016

AXYS axyon Registry


Welcome to the AXYS AXYON Registry.  Enter the portal below to begin advancing research.
You must use a computer to complete the survey.  The survey is not compatible with mobile devices
This page takes a bit longer to load than most.

Do NOT use Internet Explorer for this survey.  Preferred browsers:  Chrome; Firefox; and to a lesser degree, Safari. (Safari for Windows...if you are running an Apple computer, your OS should include Safari.)

Note:  There are 3 "guides" and each guide offers three options for privacy - low, medium, high
You can also customize your privacy settings.

HINT:  If you are uncertain if a question is about you or a loved one, answer instinctively.  Later questions may clarify, and you can always go back and correct an earlier answer.

Thank you for adding your information to this important research tool!


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