Saturday, December 03, 2016

Donating your time


Whether or not you’re able to contribute financially to AXYS, we could use some of your time on a volunteer basis.

Click here to view the list of essential volunteer tasks

With the exception of our part-time executive director and administrative assistant, AXYS’s leadership is comprised of volunteers. Because AXYS operates on such a thin capital budget, volunteer efforts are critical to our ability to operate effectively. Thus, you can make a major difference through contributing services. 

If you possess knowledge, good writing skills or computer programming talents, just a few hours of your time may contribute greatly to our expanding website content.

We are also currently in need of volunteers to help assist in the composition or production of internal and external communications as well as legal agreements, lend a hand with future conference planning, help to write grant applications, triage incoming calls from persons who have been recently diagnosed and prospective volunteer workers, provide office support and work in fund development efforts.  We are also continually on the look for individuals who are interested in participating in local support groups or who have the time and drive to start a new one in communities where none presently exist.

Everyone has something to offer. 

If you’d consider assisting in one of these, or a multitude of other ways, please contact us. You will be asked to complete a Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement. To volunteer, send us an email or call our Executive Director at (888) 999-9428.  These calls may go directly to voice-mail, but we will respond quickly. Tell us a little about your specific areas of interest and related experience, and we will gladly put your skills and interests to work advancing AXYS's mission.

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