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"Friends-'N'-Family FUN-raisers"

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Brandon and Julie Urban conducted the "Hundred Hole Hike for AXYS" a unique golf fundraiser that raised thousands of dollars.

Brandon did two events.  One supported AXYS and one supported Tiny-K.  The June 23 event exclusively benefited AXYS.

Click here for Brandon's blog on the 2014 event.

Click here for news coverage of Brandon and Julie's effort.

Brandon's blog about why he did this FUNraiser.

This isn't Brandon's first Hundred Hole Hike (although it is his first for AXYS).  Brandon blogged about his past experience.

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Michele and her friends are planning the 2014 Friends 'N' Family FUNraiser at a family-friendly location.  Watch this page for more news as Michele announces the location and shares the good times.

Learn more about Michele's previous events below.

Report from the 2012Friends 'N' Family FUN-raiser

On June 16, Michele Barton, mom to an elementary school boy who has 47,XXY, demonstrated her commitment and appreciation to AXYS.

Michele, who lives in San Diego, hosted the 2nd annual Friends & Family FUNraiser, and she raised $1200 for AXYS!

Speaking of AXYS and those who supported the fundraiser, Michele said,"My heart is overwhelmed & my gratitude is endless!"

AXYS is grateful to you, Michele, because you set an amazing example of paying it forward. 

Like most of us at AXYS, she arrived full of questions and in need of support.  Michele found the answers and support she needed at AXYS, and now she wants to make sure that support continues - not only for her son but for all those who depend on AXYS now, and who will depend on AXYS in the future.

AXYS is YOUR organization - a cooperative of parents, individuals with the conditions and dedicated professionals all working together to raise awareness and make things better for those we serve.  AXYS depends on YOU for the money to sustain this effort.  Try as we might, we get precious little support from foundations, corporations and government grants.

It's up to YOU to join Michele and many others who regularly donate to AXYS.  Please click here to donate today.  Michele can't do this alone.  Without your help, this effort is not sustainable.

Thank you, Michele, and thanks to Wings, Pizza and Things and PJ Graphics for the great t-shirts and wristbands.  And thanks to all who attended the 2012 Friends 'N' Family FUNraiser!

4225 Oceanside Boulevard.Oceanside, California 92056

*SATURDAY, JUNE 16, 2012, 4PM-9PM*

Klinefelter Syndrome (47XXY) affects 1 in 600 boys.

KS is mentally, physically, & emotionally painful.

A simple blood test can save your son from misdiagnosis & pain.

We need to raise awareness for oureXXtraordinarY heroes!

Read on to learn more about Michele's Friends 'N' Family FUN-raiser

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*A HUGE thank you to WPT and PJ GRAPHICS!


HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE 2011 Friends 'N' Family FUN-raiser

In honor of X and Y Chromosome Variation Month, a mom in San Diego, Michele Barton, wanted to raise money for AXYS.  Michele said, “I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to give back to the organization that helped me so much when I needed it.  If it weren't for AXYS, I would have never found other moms in my area.” 

Michele organized her fundraiser by working with the owner of a small restaurant in her area, Wings Pizza N Things of Oceanside, CA.  The owner of the restaurant agreed to donate to 20% of all proceeds from food and beverage sold to people Michele was able to bring to the restaurant on the night of her party.  Many restaurants offer these kinds of incentives to help build a loyal customer base.   Michele said, “I posted flyers at nearby Starbucks and blasted it on FB!  We had about 70 guests in 4 hrs and raised $1100!!”

Michele has a friend who owns a t-shirt shop, so she had a few custom t-shirts made and bought some balloons to make sure her guests would find her as soon as they entered the restaurant.  They filled more than half of the tables, and they even got donations from regular patrons who just happened to be there having dinner.

Michele was eager to conduct this fundraiser.  She said, “I was able to speak with AXYS’s helpline social worker and volunteers over the phone in times of crisis when my pediatrician didn't understand what our family was going through.  I learned how to better ‘manage’ Brian's distress without punishing him because I became aware of the stressors that are so common with other boys who are 47,XXY.  I learned this info from chatting with other moms on AXYS's forums.”

Michele adds, “When I first found about Brian's diagnosis almost 2yrs ago, I couldn't understand why this happened to MY baby. I still don't fully understand but I do know that I won't just sit back and accept it.  I have to do something to make a difference and help not only my son, but other children who are ‘eXXtraordinarY Heroes!’  My hopes are to take this all the way to Washington someday and get recognition from the insurance companies so our boys can get the therapies and early intervention they need!”

Thank you, Michele.  We agree, and we sincerely appreciate your energy, enthusiasm and commitment to AXYS.

If you want to follow in Michele’s footsteps, read on for an easy, step-by-step guide for arranging your fun Friends-‘N’-Family Fundraiser to benefit AXYS.


Michele Barton’s step-by-step guide to an easy, fun, and successful fundraising event.


Friends-‘N’-Family FUN-raiser

  1. Choose a Restaurant:
    Many restaurants are enthusiastic partners in fundraising events.  The owners are eager to attract new customers, and your event will introduce your friends and family to their establishment.  Expect 15% to 20% of the gross proceeds from sales of food and beverage.  Just order off the menu—no special planning needed.
    Sports bars are a great choice when the home teams aren’t playing, but any casual restaurant will do.
    Pick a place you like, and ask to speak with the manager.  You may need to choose a “slow” night, but Michele was able to get her restaurant on a Saturday night.
  2. Marketing:
    Michele recommends keeping it simple.  “No printing or mailing was necessary,” she said.  Instead she relied on a mix of free resources:
    1. Flyers in nearby Starbucks (click here to see her sample flyer)
    2. Social Media

                                                               i.      Facebook
ii.      Tweet-Ups

    1. Word of Mouth

                                                                          i.      Personal invitations by phone or in person to friends, family and co-workers.
ii.      On-site in the restaurant:  several regular patrons saw the party and asked what was going on.  Several donated and one wrote a check for $100 on the spot.

  1. Party Atmosphere:
    A party wouldn’t be much fun with out balloons, so Michele picked up about $20 worth of balloons to create a festive atmosphere.
    She also made a few message t-shirts to convey the message that something special was happening.  Michele worked with a friend who has a t-shirt shop, but there are many sources for custom t-shirts, such as or 
    Michele’s photo shows the shirts she designed.
  2. On-Site Appeal:
    Michele recommends having a simple handout to share with prospective donors.  Click here for AXYS’s one-page donation form.

 That’s all there is to it.  Thanks, Michele!

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