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KS&A’s mission is to help individuals with one or more extra X and/or Y chromosomes and their families lead fuller and more productive lives.

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IMPORTANT NOTE:  This is a helpline only.  Please do NOT call this number for general inquiries.
We are as close as your telephone and offer support through a network of volunteers for each of the conditions we serve. You may access this network by calling KS&A on our toll-free number from anywhere in the U.S. or Canada, (888) 999-9428, or from outside the U.S. at (303) 400-9040.  You may also send email to Please provide your email address, phone number and location.  International callers, provide your country code.  Please let us know if this is an emergency.

All general inquiries should be directed to  If you need to speak with someone by phone, please send your number along with your email message.

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FREE - Family Information Kits

To celebrate May as National X & Y Chromosome Variation Month, AXYS is offering free family information kits to help parents explain X and Y chromosome variations to their children.  


The kits are provided with one of three different booklets written in age-appropriate language specifically for children with XXY, XYY or XXX, as well as a free copy of the Guidebook, "Living with Klinefelter Syndrome, Trisomy X or 47,XYY", for parents to read (US orders only).

Click for more information and to place your order. 

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