Saturday, December 03, 2016

Educational and Informational Brochures


How to use these brochures

These are informational and educational brochures.  They are not typical promotional brochures.
They are dense with content, and they are intended for professionals and newly diagnosed individuals who are eager to learn about these conditions.
Suggested uses:
  • If you or your child are newly diagnosed, start with a brochure for a quick overview, and then move on to the FAQ for more details.
  • If you have experience with one of these conditions, these brochures provide an opportunity to educate.  Share them with medical professionals, therapists, school professionals and others.  Encourage these professionals to share the brochures with others.
  • The brochures are designed to be easily printed in small quantities on an ink-jet printer. Just load quality paper in the feeder and instruct your printer to print side one only.  Give side one a few minutes to dry.  Next, turn over the paper and print side two.  Then fold. 
    You can supply professionals with one or two copies of each brochure along with the link to this webpage so they can print more as needed.
  • Support group leaders can print small quantities for meetings, or AXYS will happily supply small quantities for handouts.  To order, send email to with the subject line "Brochures." 

Consider the possibilities

Imagine handing your child's pediatrician the generic brochure and the brochure that describes your child and then having this conversation:
"Doctor, did you know that 1 in 500 individuals has an X or Y chromosome variation?  It's true.  So, it you have 2000 patients in your practice, that means that there are probably 4 children that you care for who have this condition.  Are they all diagnosed?"

Let's start a movement to enlighten every professional you encounter and help them understand - and diagnose - every child who has X and Y chromosome variations!


We also have links to other resources about all conditions - made available by other organizations and support groups.
Click here to explore.
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