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List of $47 Club Webinars


What is the $47 Club

The $47 Club is a members-only  66% discount on a package of 6 webinars that focus on issues that are common to all X and Y Chromosome Variations. The idea for the $47 price came from the fact that each of the variations has 47 chromosomes. AXYS is pleased to announce the launch of the $47 Club. 

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Webinars in the $47 Club:

There are 6 webinars in the $47 Club, and they are chosen specifically because they apply to all conditions. 
The Webinar by Dr. Zeitler is a bonus.

Topic:  "Literacy Development, Assessments and Instruction among Learners with SCA: Growing the Phonics,
           Vocabulary, and Spelling Competencies of all Students
  • Presenters:  Dr. Donald Bear, director of the E.L. Cord Foundation Center for Learning and Literacy, and Mina Avery, PhD student in the College of Education at the University of Nevada
  • Original Presentation Date:  June 28, 2010
  • See URL with Webinar for link to handout
Topic: "Transitioning to Young Adulthood"
  • Presenter:  Morgan Butrick, Genetic Counselor
  • Original Presentation Date:  April 6, 2011
Topic:  "Promoting Language and Learning"
  • Presenter:  Natalia A. Krum, BCaBA
  • Original Presentation Date:  July 13, 2011

Topic:  "Planning and Preparedness: Coping with Adversity and Crisis"

  • Presenter:  Rhesia-Maria Ochoa, LCSW
  • Original Presentation Date:  October 25, 2011

BONUS Topic:  "Testosterone Therapy in Adolescents and Young Adults with Klinefelter and Other Sex Chromosome Variants"

  • Presenter:  Philip S. Zeitler, M.D., PhD.
  • Original Presentation Date:  December 13, 2011

Topic: "Behavior Problems, Temper Tantrums, Meltdowns, and Outbursts - An Approach for Children, Adolescents and Adults"

  • Presenter:  Karen Riley, PhD.
  • Original Presentation Date:  January 18, 2012

Topic: "Executive Functioning in X and Y Chromosome Variations"

  • Presenter:  Shahal Rozenblatt, Ph.D.
  • Original Presentation Date:  October 25, 2012
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