Saturday, December 03, 2016

Webinar Support

To get the most out of AXYS's webinars, we strongly encourage you to practice with the GoToWebinar tool and to take the following steps.  Using GoToWebinar is easy, but it takes a few minutes to get into a meeting, and it takes a bit of practice to be comfortable with the technology so you can focus on the presentation.

  1. Audio:  You can dial in by phone, but for vastly superior audio quality, we urge you to use a computer headset (or speakers and separate microphone) and enjoy the benefits of VOIP (voice over internet protocol).  Illustrations of typical headsets.
    Click link to view analog headset.
    Click link to view USB headset.
    The difference between them is how they connect to your computer.
  2. Sign-In:  After registering and paying on AXYS's website, you'll be sent a link to register with GoToWebinar.  This is somewhat redundant, but it enables GoToWebinar to recognize you by name so we can interact with you individually via chat, Q&A text and audio.  Once you are registered with GoToWebinar, they will send you a link to the meeting and instructions to connect audio by VOIP or telephone.
    This final notice from GoToWebinar is what you need to join the program. 
    GoToWebinar will also send you a reminder shortly before the meeting.
  3. If you do not have experience with GoToWebinar, they have two practice options for you.  From GoToWebinar:
This support link, which has a staffed support agent during the day which can help test connections live:

There is also this attendee quickstart video which is a brief introduction to what they can expect:


You are strongly encouraged to take full advantage of these resources and practice well in advance of your webinar so that you do not encounter technical problems that distract you from the session.

Enjoy your webinar!

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