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Because we know it's impossible for one organization to be everything to everyone, we've provided information here about other organizations and support groups for individuals with X&Y Chromosome variations and their families. Note that entries listed under "Organizations" often also include information about additional support groups.

Check out other resources on this website. AXYS supports multiple forums for individuals with X&Y chromosome variations and their families. Also, be sure to also look in our library for articles regarding X&Y Chromosome variations as well as articles on subjects affecting individuals with X&Y chromosome variations. 


  • The eXtraordinarY Kids Clinic at Children’s Hospital Colorado
    This is the world’s only multidisciplinary clinic dedicated to X and Y chromosome variations.  




  • The XXYY Project - The mission of the XXYY Project is to build the capacity of parents and service providers to assist males with XXYY in leading purposeful, productive lives. 

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AXYS's XXY Global SupportGroup:

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These are other private groups worldwide...and many overlap heavily with the USA:

Worldwide Listing of International Facebook Groups

Also note that there are other types of groups.  One of the most respected is XXY Talk:



AXYS’s XYY Global Support Group:

Other group:


Trisomy X:

AXYS’s Trisomy X Global Support Group:

Independent Trisomy X Facebook Group:

These are member-recommended resources that may be useful to help parents explain an X and Y chromosome variation diagnosis to a child or adolescent.  Please review these carefully before sharing this information with your child.
Also recognize that each of these may help you even if they do not specifically address your child's condition.  The general information presented in these, when combined with KS&A's brochures and FAQ, could help guide your conversation with your child.

These two pamphlets are available for order:
Klinefelter’s Syndrome pamphlet and The X-tra Special Boy and For Boys Only, A Supplement pamphlets, by D Plumridge,C Brackets, and S LaFranchi, $3.50 for the main pamphlet and $1.25 for the supplement. Attn: CDRC Publications, Oregon Health Sciences University, CDRC, P.O. Box 574, Portland, Oregon 97207, Phone: (503) 279-8342 - checks to: Child Development & Rehabilitation Center

Hormones and Me: Klinefelter Syndrome

The KS Story: You are not alone

Guide to Trisomy X

Sex Development: An Overview

KS&A celebrates the diversity of the human family; including sex and gender, skin color, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, socioeconomic status, physical characteristics, and mental abilities.  While the majority of 47,XXY individuals we serve identify as male, a minority identifies as “intersex” or another gender.  Many also consider themselves as “being XXY” rather than “having XXY.”  
The organizations listed below are separate from KS&A and each has a unique mission focused on intersex.  KS&A respects these organizations, but we also recognize that some of their positions and interpretations of information may not align with KS&A's.
If you are reading this page, perhaps you have questions about gender identity.  If so, we encourage you to explore gender counseling.



Support Groups

  • XXYTalk - Online discussion group primarily focused on supporting adults who are XXY
The following are Yahoo groups. Go to to find and join the groups.



The following are Yahoo groups. Go to to find and join the groups. 


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