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eXceptional Kids Clinic at EmorY

The eXceptional Kids Clinic at EmorY

The eXceptional Kids Clinic at EmorY is a unique interdisciplinary clinic at Emory University that addresses the medical, developmental, and psychological needs of children and adolescents with X & Y chromosome variations. This includes XXY/Klinefelter syndrome, XYY, Trisomy X, XXYY, and all other sex chromosome variations.
Our team has experience with these conditions and will provide specific recommendations to meet your child’s needs. Our clinic is a specialized resource and complements the care provided by your child’s pediatrician.

What can we expect during our clinic visit?

During your initial clinic visit, we will: discuss your child’s specific needs, particularly in areas of development, education, language, motor, social skills, and behavior. We will also discuss the genetic aspects of the condition.
We will develop a treatment plan specific to your child’s needs. This plan will provide recommendations to help maximize your child’s potential and support your child’s developmental, academic, social, and medical management. We will also make referrals to specialists as needed, and most importantly, address your questions and concerns.

Who We Are:

Jeannie Visootsak, MD, FAAP
 Developmental –Behavioral Pediatrician
   Medical Director
Lillie Huddleston, PhD
         Psychological Specialist
Kimmie Lewis, MS, CGC
         Certified Genetic Counselor
         Clinic Coordinator
Meagan Smith, MS, CGC
         Certified Genetic Counselor
         Resource Coordinator
Krista Charen, MPH
         Outreach Coordinator
Jean Luan McColl
   Clinic & Research Assistant
Elizabeth Sablón, MPH
   Spanish Medical Interpreter

For more information or to schedule an appointment call:
Kimmie Lewis, MS, CGC
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